File Uploads

We accept several file types, however it's best to send high resolution PDF files.                This file type insures that your layouts, fonts & colours are correct. Upon reception and review we will contact you to confirm that your files are indeed print ready.

There are several FREE third party email software on line that will accommodate your large files. We highly recommend "WE TRANSFER" .

Secure F.T.P. Service

1.  Click on the FileZilla icon to download.
     Once Installed click on File, then Site Manager.
2.  Click on New Site and name it C.I.S.
3.  Under the General tab you'll see Logontype: set it to "normal".
4.  Enter the Host name
5.  Call us for your Username & Password.

Now your in! In the folder called CLIENT FILES (right side of the screen)
create a folder with your with your name.
Then simply drag and drop your files into that folder.


    If you have multiple files please stuff or zip them before sending.
    You can not copy a folder on to our FTP site, it must be a file.

    • Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive.
    • Always stuff or zip your files to protect them from corruption during the transfer.
    • We do not recommend sending stuffed or zipped files larger than 500MB.
    • Send multiple files if need be.